Premina’s The Sky is The Limit


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Am.Can.CH Apple Acres Building Blocks

Am.Ch. Apple Acres Odyssey Armani ROM (27 Am. champions)

Am.Ch.Dundee Hullston Jambalaya ROM

Am.Ch. Dundee Amos Moses ROM

Am.Ch. Hullston's All The Rage

Am.Ch. Apple Acres Hi-Fashion Model ROM

Banchory Solid Gold

Am.Can.Ch.Apple Acres Kelnook Calais

Apple Acres Poster Paint (dam of 3 Am. champions)

Am.Ch.Apple Acres Graffiti

Am.Ch. Apple Acres Matador

Gray Shades O' Blue Denim

Am.Ch. Homewood Hurricane

Am. Ch. Macdega Asterisk

Am.Ch. Homewood Natalie Cole

CH Skyehaven Sweeter Than Wine

BISS BIS A/C CH Glamoors Capture The Image ROMC

CH Sanchar Glamoor VIP

AM CAN CH Sanchar Worldclass

Sanchars Crystal Classic

CH Act 1 Catch My Spirit

BIS A/C CH Banchory Beau of Cedarhope

Act 1 Summertime

CH Skehavens Wintergreen ROMC

A/C CH Tovenwintertide ROMC

AM CH Macdega Asterisk ROM

Toven Rainboh's In Spring

BPISS CH Skyehaven Here I Come

Amberlyn's Ghost Rider

CH Sykehavens Ready or Not ROMC


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